BE HIGH EP - Ramiro Lopez & Miguel Lobo

2014-02-24 | Circus Recordings | CIRCUS032 | BUY NOW


Ramiro Lopez and Miguel Lobo – Be High EP

1. be high
2. cool people
3. dodasch
4. in your face)

Its no secret that Spanish electronic music is controlling the worlds underground dance floors right now, along with names like Uner and Coyu, Circus Recordings debutants Ramiro Lopez and Miguel Lobo have helped developed a hybrid sound of Spain’s effervescent house and techno scene. Releasing on labels like Noir, SCI + TEC and Bedrock, and of course Suara, where Ramiro's track "Y.E.A.H." (along with Coyu), is without doubt this years BPM stand out cut. Not to be out done, Miguel is also a man on fire; his recent releases on 8bit, Bla Bla and Moan show his consistent form. When working in partnership, Ramiro & Miguel’s music has been released in labels like Cécille and Defected.

Here they blend warm house flavours with sharp techno beats and of course a traditional Spanish narrative. 4 killer dance floor workouts, big enough for the main rooms, groovy for the back rooms, Circus Recordings welcomes Ramiro Lopez and Miguel Lobo…