2020-10-09| Circus Recordings | CIRCUS131 | BUY / STREAM NOW 

    Bontan returns to his home label for his 4th and most significant release to date. Teaming up with Pablo:Rita, setting up to be a career-defining moment for them all... This powerful and stylish track weaves through melodic harmonies and a moving Moog bassline that run parallel to thick organic drums, busy with shakers and rhythm, leading to a haunting crescendo letting the amazing vocals breathe and escape into the vast ether.

    Foreign Lands tells a story of those fleeting and intense moments you share with someone at a festival or on a dance floor. Those situations you find yourself in at 6 am when you least expect it, connecting with someone at sunrise. You may never see that person again, but you shared an experience that stays with you, and then you lost them in the crowd.

    already viewed over 600K times from a recent live stream by label boss Yousef, he is absolutely convinced this is one of the best electronic music releases in recent years...