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What more can be said about Carl Cox… The term “legend’ is thrown about way too easily in electronic music, but there is no question about the status of dance music history’s most recognisable global figure.

A musical ambassador, a veteran of acid house, a champion of techno and a professional DJ since his early teens. Carl has been playing music, breaking tunes and celebrating life and never losing sight of his passions for over 30 years.

The list of accolades is endless, two top UK top 40 hits, 6 studio albums, 16 million weekly listeners to his global radio show, multi label owner, 12 years as the king of Space Ibiza, the most universally admired dj in dance music, and as Yousef puts it,

“when the history books are written, there will be only one name etched into authentic folk law of who was the greatest dj of all time - Carl Cox”

Carl elopes for his first solo single away from Intec digital in many years. It’s fitting that “time for house music” appears on the label of his biggest fan and padawan, Yousef and his renowned Circus Recordings.

The original encompasses the width of the Carl Cox sound in 2014, jacking drums, warm bass, a thumping house and techno hybrid, and of course the classic Cox energy and charisma that we all know (and love)

Davide Squillace returns the remix favour for Carl in outstanding style, and it has to be said, this could be Davide’s finest moment as a producer to date, an incredible remake. Gnarly rhythms, picky hooks and a twisted bass, one of the great remixes this year no doubt.

After a chance meeting with Yousef, Second City confessed to how much he would love to be involved with Circus Recordings, so Yousef offered the chart topper a chance to remix Carl Cox (no pressure then…) Second City reveals another side to his psyche, sharp drums, a pulsating groove, a track that will be at home with Carola, Dice and Fanciulli

To complete the package Circus Recordings own David Glass steps up, delivering a strong finale. The killer remix was debuted at Boiler Room Liverpool to huge applause when Glassy appeared this month, proving why he is one of the leaders of the next generation of authentic house and techno names

The final word from Carl Cox:

I have to say, everything comes to those who wait, and it was totally worth it. This package is amazing to say the least, all mixes, sound so good, but the David Glass is the clear winner for me, it so fucking funky, i cannot stop playing it. It rocks so much, I am almost in tears. Thank you so much for believing in my music as it means a lot.