2018-01-12 | Circus Recordings | CIRCUS082 | BUY NOW 

Prolific producer and Madrid native Danny Serrano makes a long awaited debut on Circus Recordings with two tracks that reflect the width of the producers incredible talents. The lead track Never Alone see's Serrano venture into a tripped out area, whereas Twisted more injects the funk that Danny, Circus and label owner Yousef are known for. Circus artist Secondcity steps up with a killer remix...

A few words from Danny...

Never Alone
In the track I wanted to express my beginnings in the world of music. "Never Alone" I created it with the voices of "Nukkah" we were one day in her house and I told her we are going to record something, shut up in the studio and record some voices that we are going to do something together, immediately after she took a glass of orujo (ahahahaha) and he started recording vocals, then he gave them to me and and I started with my roland TR-8. I started to record some kicks, toms, hats, drums ... and then with my volca bass I started working on the bass line. After some arrangements I started to make some chords with my Korg Minilogue after the breaks and this is the result!

"Twisted" is very personal, it reminds me of a lot of my other track "Funkify" that came out on the Nic Fanciulli label Saved. That track marked my career very much and it was very special for me and I hope that "Twisted" is too. I wanted to do something similar for the Yousef label, I love the bass line, voices and textures that I made for this track, here I have also used some synths hardware as "minilogue". This track it is one of the most beautiful that I think I have created. I hope you like this EP as much as I do and thanks Yousef for trusting in my work, I love your label Circus I'm a big fan