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Impellizzeri & Stupia vs Mendo - Gelatine EP

1. Impellizzeri & Stupia – Gelatine – Original Mix
2. Impellizzeri & Stupia – Gelatine – Mendo Colored_Mix
3. Impellizzeri & Stupia – Gelatine – Mendo Colagen_Mix
4. Impellizzeri & Stupia – Gelatine – Mendo Remix

The Project name "Impellizzeri & Stupia" was born from the union of two Italian artists, who come from different musical paths, but that converge in the same direction. Circus Recordings, always ready to open doors to new talent welcomes Mario Impellizzeri and Luigi Stupia to the label

The original is version is a hypnotic affair, a mindful take on house music, deeply moving, and maybe a musical side step for Circus Recordings.

Mendo personally came to Circus Recordings with a completed EP, with an articulated feeling about the beautiful original by fresh Italian talent, Impellizzeri & Stupia and choosing to remix it, not once but three times, with three completely different versions.

Each Mendo remix in succession, strides though the gears, adding further muscle to the original vibe as they unfold. One by one the remixes lean toward the classic Mendo chunk, culminating in a floor wrecking, techno work out with the final remix.


Lee Burridge – “This is my favourite release of the day. The original is killer and the first two

Mendo mixes will work great too! Nice one!”

Wehbba – “Mendo is killing it lately. I’m gonn aplay the Colored mix constantly!”

Manik – “Really solid, trippy stuff here on the original mix of Gelatine. Will test.”

Harry Romero – “Good ol’ Grace Jones. The Mendo Remix is the one for me here.


Melon – “Interesting track... I’m gonna test out this original...”

Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine, Spain) – “Nice Mendo mixes on this one. Remix my fav.”

Greg – (DMC Worldwide) – “This is a lovely track... gonna review this one.”

Monika Kruse – “Mendo is full effect! A good original too but Mendo has shown 3 great

versions! Big support!”

Psychemagik (Tom) – “The original of Gelatine is a sweet record. Nice vibes across this


Sidney Charles – “That is a lovely release. The Colagen remix from Mendo is my fav to play


Alex Neri – “I think this track is amazing... Respect for these two Sicilian guys ”

Leon – “That is really nice package of music from Circus. I like this label. Colored Mix is my

fav here.”

Skream – “That is a stunning record!!”

Drums Of Death – “I love this track. Amazing. Pumpy and trippy but most importantly,

musical. I’m going to rinse the Mendo Colored mix.”

Uner – “Mendo is on FIRE!!!! And I’m happy to have all his new stuff!! I love the colored

mix. Super groove and perfect for the clubs!! THANKS!”

Joris Voorn – “Its got to be the Colagen remix for my sets!! Such a great groove on that one.”

Hector Romero – “Super bomba!! The original and Mendo versions are on point! I’m on it!”

Thomas Schumacher – “The original is a real standout here. Beautiful piece of music.”

Santé – “WICKED mixes from Mendo! Especially into the ‘Remix’. Will support!”

Nat Self (ZDS) – “This is a lovely record. Amazing tracks on here. Thank you guys!”

Jesse Rose – “The Mendo remix is the one here. Mendo is always on point!! Respect.”

Karotte – “I’m liking all of these mixes. Especially the Mendo Colored. Will support!”

Nick Curly – “Mendo is always quality, and he delivers again here! Mendo remix my pick.”

Pezzner – “That is an insanely good dance track!! Big support for the original here guys.”

Doc Martin – “That Colagen remix from Mendo is gonna be a good jam for my floor!!!!”

&ME – “The Gelatine original is going directly into my new Keinemusik radio show!!”

Adele Moss – “This blew my head off. The original is stunning! Well done guys. Big support


Thugfucker – “We’re really liking the original and Mendo Colored mixes... Beautiful, quality

stuff guys!!”

Paolo Martini – “Strong release! I like the original but all of the Mendo remixes are great too!


Mar-T – (Amnesia, Ibiza) – “Everything on this new Circus release works for me!! I’m a big

fan of Mendo!”

Coyu – “For me its all about Mendo’s Colagen remix. Gonna test that out!”

Johnjon – (Suol) – “That Gelatine original is a great track! Trippy and beautiful!”

Till von Sein – “That is a great original record. Will give the remixes a good listening too as

well. But original is standout.”

Jonty Skrufff – (Germany Calling, BLN.fm, Germany) – “This is excellent stuff. Straight into

the sets and on the show.”

Igor – (Ibiza Sonica Radio) – “Oh yes. I love this record!! Thank you for the music. Supporting

on air!”

Sounds From The Basement – (Radio NRJ, Beirut) – “Beautiful record! The original and

Colored mixes are great, as is the main remix. Will feature on the show.”

Bruno Dietel – (Fritz Radio, Germany) – “My support is going to the Colagen remix from

Mendo. Nice.”

Diversions – (CHRY Toronto, Canada) – “I like the high energy peak time groove of the

Mendo remix!”

The Ashton Shuffle – (Triple J Radio, Australia) – “LOVE the original of Gelatine!!”

Bramus D – (Delta FM, Argentina) – “This is such a new record... Looking forward to playing this on air.”

Andrew W – (Bondi Radio, Australia) – “This Colored mix from Mendo is so lush! Definitely

gonna play that on the show.”