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The Project name "Impellizzeri & Stupia" was born from the union of two Italian artists, who come from different musical paths, but that converge in the same direction. Circus Recordings, always ready to open doors to new talent welcomes Mario Impellizzeri and Luigi Stupia to the label

The original is version is a hypnotic affair, a mindful take on house music, deeply moving, and maybe a musical side step for Circus Recordings.

Mendo personally came to Circus Recordings with a completed EP, with an articulated feeling about the beautiful original by fresh Italian talent, Impellizzeri & Stupia and choosing to remix it, not once but three times, with three completely different versions.

Each Mendo remix in succession, strides though the gears, adding further muscle to the original vibe as they unfold. One by one the remixes lean toward the classic Mendo chunk, culminating in a floor wrecking, techno work out with the final remix.