CIRCUS RECORDINGS - melé - the panther ep

    2020-10-30| Circus Recordings | CIRCUS132 | BUY / STREAM NOW 

    UK based DJ and producer MÈLE makes his debut on Circus Recordings with his finest release to date. A powerful organic work out that easily rubs shoulders with the style, finesse and thunder of any David Morales REDZONE track. an accolade that label owner Yousef does not distribute lightly, this is genuinely excellent he says..

    What begun life as a finely tuned emotive instrumental, Mele contacted South African vocal hero 'Lazarusman' to empower the collaboration further.

    Lazarusman explains. The spoken lyrics are Inspired by a Panther's behaviour during courtship. Panthers have a gentle majestic dance between the two creatures, never forceful and things only happen when the female gives consent. The lyrics really implore you to be elegant and respectful at all times, how men should always treat women. 'You are the Panther'