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2. JadaJada
3. Samson (harry romero remix)

released 28 april 2014


Frankfurt's Frank Heinrich aka Reboot was raised on a diet of real techno, gorging on  many nights at Sven Vath's legendary Omen  club. Today he gathers influence far and  wide for his own productions, often delving into the realms of world music and jazz, and combining them with his unique and relentless dancefloor rhythms. Now one of the most in demand producers on the scene, Reboot's music regularly features on labels such as Supplement Facts, Moon Harbour, Cadenza and Cocoon.

Reboot makes his Circus Recordings debut with two new cuts that encompass a desire to  own the dancefloor, coupled with his micro- particular drum programming and relentless demonised funk. Label mate Harry Romero  returns to lend a hand on remix duties,  stripping Samson of his locks and replacing  it with loopy techno. Another huge ep from  Circus Recordings.


Yousef : both originals are huge for me, proud to have reboot on my label.

Wehbba – “Both mixes of Samson are totally ROCKING!! Will be playing these.”

2000 and One – “Roboot BANGING it out again on Samson... It’s a big YES from me!”

Christian Smith – “FUCK YEAH!!!! Samson is really good. I will hammer this!!”

Monika Kruse – “I am happy that Heinrich still has his funky own sound... And is not going too – keta lame or deep / dieb–we-all–use–the–same–bassline like. The originals are working for me!”

Carlo Lio – “Samson is a party rocker and I’m definitely feeling Harry’s take on it as well... great pack all round!”

Pirupa – “Amazing ep from Reboot and HUGE remix from Harry Romero!! Can’t wait to PLAY!!”

Kaiserdisco – “WOW, Samson is super phat!! Will hammer the whole ep a lot, no doubt!”

Kik – “Oh nice... JadaJada is a pretty evil groover!! Supporting!”

Gel Abril – “This is great stuff from Frank!! Each of these is going in the box... Harry’s mix is great!”

Anja Schneider – “Another great release from Reboot.. Especially into Samson. Great one!”

Mauro Picotto – “Nice vibe on the original of Samson.. Looking forward to trying this out.”

Daniel Stefanik – “Samson is a BOMB!! What more can I say…? J”

Davide Squillace – “I’m feeling JadaJada on this release. It’s nice to have some quirky, well done stuff from Reboot.”

Huxley – “Both of these new originals are really nice!! Will be playing these 100%!!”

Sian – “Very strong release from Reboot. Nice to see Romero on this package too!!”

Riva Starr – “Samson is a train but the Romero remix is the one that kills it for me here!”

Harry Romero – “Reboot NEVER disappoints. Strong stuff here again and getting my full support!”

Hector Romero – “These are rocking prime time grooves – every single track will work for me.”

Mihalis Safras – “Harry Romero for Presidenteee… Massive groove in his remix!”

Dave Seaman – “Another quality release from Circus and Reboot. Good work guys! J”

Joel Alter – “JadaJada is a cool track. Techno with a disco vibe! Support!”

Mathias Kaden – “YEAH!!! The mighty power of Reboot!!! Support from me.”

Gregor Tresher – “Great record from Frank, gonna be charting this in my March Top 10!”

Coyu – “Big classic house vibes on Samson. The remix from Harry is great too. Support!”

Santé – “Reboot is BACK... I love his music and I’m loving JadaJada!”

Diesel – (X-Press 2/MoS Radio) – “HUGE big room bizznezz on this one!!! Full and total support from us!”

Igor – (Ibiza Sonica Radio) – “LOVING the whole release!! Supporting!”

Makossa – (FM4 Vienna, Austria) – “Solid tracks from Reboot.. JadaJada my pick here.”

Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine, Spain) – “VAMOSSSSS Reboot! Two killer original tracks here!”

Andy Daniel – (Defected A&R) – “Welcome back Frank, I’d missed you. Samson sounds ace. Can’t wait to try it out.”