2020-11-13| Circus Recordings | CIRCUS133 | BUY / STREAM NOW 

    Steve Lawler returns to Circus Recordings

    in a world of 'disposable bangers' Steve Lawler shows how half a lifetime in electronic music leads to character, with the timeless Dissonance

    Steve Explains...

    'This was me paying homage to the great Rolandos Knights of the Jaguar. Heading into the studio that day with no clear idea of what I was going to do, and freakily my phone just plays knights of the jaguar... later when I got in the car, then just flicking through insta as you do, it came up on someones feed and then I had an interview that morning asking about my all-time favourite tracks and the interviewer opened up the conversation that she knew that my signature record on the space terrace was knights of the jaguar.. so all in 1 day that record appeared to me 3 times!.. without a doubt then this is the kind of record I'm going to make today! inspiration was laid and you can hear the gentle nod to this all-time masterpiece' - Steve Lawler