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HARRY ROMERO makes his debut for Circus Recordings in incredible style

released dec 4th on Digital and limited edition red vinyl.

"I'm the guy pushing to change my sound from record to record...the struggle for most producers is to NOT sound the same every time, which is something not everyone can accomplish", explains the diversely talented Harry Romero. The DJ and producer remarks, “I am always into combining eclectic flavors and bringing new concepts into the studio".

2013 is the beginning of a new chapter for Harry, parting ways with his long time label group Subliminal, after being tied into a ten year deal which now leaves him free to release with other labels, and importantly, returning directly to the beats. Already forging ahead with new releases on, Ovum (under his Vaggio alias), Size X, and Sneak’s I’m A House Gangster among others, here he makes his debut on Circus Recordings.

There is no question that Harry is one of the finest and most accomplished producers in electronic music, a serious beat maker like few others. And a seasoned dj since the early 90’s in New York

Raised in a musical family -- his mother soaked the air with the Latin rhythms of merengue and cumbia, while his father, a former opera tenor, practiced his scales and listened to Beethoven. As a result, Harry is constantly looking to expand musical range.

Historically releasing on such seminal labels like Emotive, Sex Mania, Power Music, and Gossip Records, and producing music for Robert Clivilles

Along with Erick Morillo and Jose Nunez, Harry played a definitive role in laying the foundation for Subliminal, what became one the best-known and most respected dance music labels of the last ten years.

Harry Romero’s legendary tracks “Cro-Magnon”, “Erectus”, “Tania”, “Night At the Black”, “Beats Vol 1 & 2” and as MongoBonix “Mas Pito”, never the leave the boxes of many serious house music dj’s, all standing the test of time, sounding as good and as fresh now as they did nearly ten years ago.

Circus Recordings owner Yousef spoke to Harry about his new music and his departure from Subliminal, visiting him in his New Jersey studio to discuss an EP. Yousef a fan and a person that respected Harry’s body of work for many years, was blown away listening to track after track of Harry’s new material, singing 3 cuts on the spot.

Harry explains The Butcher was born after a night in Ibiza watching Luciano pummel Pacha. Solo Man is nod to mid nineties Harry, and Keep Pushing On is jerky view on bass line 2013. All 3 tracks have nailed Yousef’s dance floors for some months.

The Butcher EP put’s Harry’s name directly back on the underground dance floors, showing the world (once again) Harry is most serious of players



T.Williams – “Really liking the vibe of this release… Especially feeling The Butcher!!”

Luke Solomon – “MEGA!! Love this… The Chicago crew will be all over this!!”

Shadow Child – “Solo Man is amazing… Keep Pushing too! A lot to choose from here. Big support!”

Dan Curtin – “This is a complete bomb EP, each track is dope and gets serious play and support from me! Solo Man is my fav but barely, into all of 'em!”

Monika Kruse – “Solo Man is my thing! Sounding very Carl Craig… Support from me!”

Doc Martin – “WAY TO GO HARRY… Great new release!! The Butcher my fav.”

Tedd Patterson – “Harry’s the man! He can’t do wrong in my eyes. Solid ep (again) from the master. Full support on all cuts!”

Waifs & Strays (Amos) – “So good to have HCCR back releasing house music… Loving the filtered houseness of Solo Man, really bringing me back to the heady days of 90’s house.”

Doorly – “Yes, amazing to see Mr Choo Choo back in the game, my hero from when I first started clubbing. You know where to look if you need a remix ☺ Keep Pushing On my fav.”

Joel Alter – “Great grooves!! I’m actually dancing , being a DJ and all… ☺ Will play Solo Man mos def!”

Gregor Tresher – “All tracks are cool here… Super nice release from Harry! Ace groove on The Butcher.”

Adele Moss – “Solo man = amazing track.... All 3 tracks are great can't wait to play them out. Full support from me, x.”

Sound Of The Basement – (Radio NRJ, Beirut) – “The Butcher and Keep On Pushing are great for us… support!”

Stefano Fontana – (Radio Deejay, Italy) – “Great ep!! I’m loving all three traxx!! Very playable!!”

Igor – (Ibiza Sonica Radio) – “SUPER!! YES!! Will support it all…”

Bramus D – (FM Delta, Argentina) – “Solo Man is so nice. Perfect for the week and weekend ☺”

Agus – (DJ Magazine, Spain) – “Harry is on of my childhood heroes. Happy to see him back to business.”

Pirupa – “Oh yeah!! 3 Bangers from the legend Harry Romero!! BIG support coming from me!”

Hector Romero – “My boy is killing it on this EP – Harry is ON IT!! Support for all!”

Gerd – “I’m really enjoying the stompin’ groove of Keep Pushin’ on… ☺ Will try it out.”

Paul Woolford – “Solo Man is classic Harry. You can hear his hands all over it and me, it’s easily the strongest track here. I will play this loads!”

Huxley – “Keep Pushing On is a wicked tune! Love the groove on that…”

Tobi Neumann – “What a BOMB release!!! I can’t wait to play those tunes… Especially Solo Man, it touches me due to it’s rushin groove and the high energy feel. Choo Choo is back!”

Derrick Carter – “Good golly baby Hortense!! ☺”

Lauhaus – “This is good! Solo Man is a DOPE record!! Full support from me.”

Eats Everything – “Solid EP from an amazing producer… Tuff Stuff! Keep Pushin’ On my fav.”

Noir – “Nice to have Choo Choo back indeed!! Solo Man my fav here, 5/5 stuff!!”

LTJ Bukem – “Loving the drive and energy of Solo Man… ☺”

Kenny Larkin – “I am loving The Butcher Harry!! Support!”

Steve Mac – “Good to see Harry back where he belongs… The Butcher is a KILLER!!”

Reboot – “Crazy house funk!!!! I like these and will be playing them out!”

Karotte – “The Butcher rocks! Solo Man is also cool. Nice tracks from Mr Romero and Keep Pushin’ is great too! Top EP!”

Tom Breu – (Klubbing, WDR 1Live, Germany) – “Harry Romero is back on track… nice one!!”

Diversions – (CHRY Toronto, Canada) – “Diggin’ the rolling groove of Solo Man!”

Dave Pianka – (igetrvng Radio, USA) – “Really stoked to start playing this one!!”

Karlos – (Ibiza Sonica Radio) – “Fantastic tracks from Harry!! Solo Man my pick… supporting!”

AMDJS Radio – (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – “Keep Pushin’ On is a HOT record!!”

Debug Magazine, Germany – “Considering for review.”

Faze Magazine, Germany – “Harry Romero is the best!! Luv this release!!”

Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine, Spain – “KILLER RELEASE!!!”