2016-09-12 | Circus Recordings | CIRCUS067 | BUY NOW 

1. MEXICO CITY (w/ Hector)

2. FRANKFURT (w/ Reboot)

3. LIVERPOOL (w/ Lewis Boardman)

Liverpool was recently awarded UNESCO world Heritage City of Music status, and Liverpool council and LIMF (Liverpool International Music Festival) turned to Yousef who’s ethos, record label and famed Circus party have played a vital role in the city’s dance music history. LIMF asked Yousef to develop and curate a very special project to aim to connect Liverpool with other musically buoyant global cities via an event, a documentary and full collaborative EP with the artists he invited to join him.

As the project developed, Yousef realised he needed to team up with artists who “are flexible and able to make a musical collaboration with me and the DJs.” Though it gradually became clearer to the Liverpool DJ he needed to join forces with friends he trusted, which was one of the main criteria that tilted the scales when selecting the cities.

Mexico City was a personal choice for the Liverpool native who confesses he absolutely loves playing there. Being one of Mexico City’s most prominent artists these days, Hector was the logical choice for the dance music ambassador of the metropolis. “Frankfurt is just as important for the history of electronic music as Liverpool is for me, or any of the US cities like New York or Detroit,” Yousef explains. Admittedly, taking into account Yousef’s friendship with an extremely talented Frankfurt artist, Reboot, completely justifies the choice of representative of the German city. But even that A-list selection wasn’t enough for Yousef, who wanted to bring another DJ from Liverpool on board, recruiting Circus resident and local hero Lewis Boardman.

“We managed to find three guys who were up for the project from really important cities for music around the world. So we all completed music together. The project taking in the planning, the event, the documentary and the EP release took many months but is now completed.”

As the musical status of Liverpool is based on cultural exchanges in the past, Yousef truly believes it also plays a vital role in any art form. For him, influences are essential to creativity as they help artists explore new ground, while remaining true to themselves